Glorious Autumn Weddings

I love Autumn, maybe it’s because my birthday is in October but more likely is the thought of cosy nights by the fire with a glass of wine as the evenings draw in.  

I’ve always been a fan of Autumn weddings due to the incredible colours that one associates with this splendid season of red, russet, auburn, gold and orange.  It is a time of year that is so often forgotten when it comes to planning a wedding but with so many dates postponed this year,  I feel sure that October will be added to the calendar as a month that couples will choose for their special day. 

With this in mind, I have been imagining how the day might unfold and here are my tips for a glorious Autumn wedding:

– Spend as much on lighting as you can afford, the light will truly reflect all the stunning colours and create atmosphere in the venue or marquee. 

– According to experts, the best time to take your photos is forty five minutes before dusk so plan your schedule around this to take full advantage of the prettiest light. 

– Be very careful with design, you do not want a Halloween experience for your guests, but a subtle use of squashes and baby pumpkins on the tables would be beautiful if not over done.

– Autumn is the perfect time to embrace dried flowers and foliage, I love to use Hydrangeas and they would look stunning complemented with fresh antique roses and eucalyptus. 

– Personally I would keep the bridal bouquet simple and muted, bringing in a mass of colour for the bridesmaids flowers, the church and venue. However if you fancy something a bit more contemporary, how about a bouquet filled with wonderful dahlias?

– Natural materials will work well alongside the Autumn colour palette, so  think about having a wooden bar and furniture, and if you are decorating a marquee, go for a neutral coloured carpet. 

– Finally, embrace the time of year and offer each guest a sparkler to light as the couple leave the party, a path of sparkles is the most wonderful send off! 

It is also the perfect time of year for fireworks!