Are smaller weddings the future for an engaged couple?

Who knows when wedding receptions will be allowed again but as soon as they are, there’s definitely going to be a rush to plan the perfect day that thousands of couples have long been dreaming of.

Many people in the wedding industry believe that smaller celebrations are the way forward partly due to the ever changing Covid guidelines, but also because there has been a shift in favour of a more relaxed and intimate affair. The overwhelming positive to this is in creating a truly personal day for couples.

In writing this article, I have been considering the pros of a smaller wedding, and surprisingly, there are many, although at the very top has to be greatly reduced stress levels!

A few more to think about …

– Location – With smaller numbers, there will be more availability and fewer logistics. Your wedding could take place at one of the many beautiful venues across the country, in your garden in a marquee or even a destination wedding. The options are endless! 

– Cost – you will have a larger budget to spend on the elements that really matter, so if you want that amazing pianist that you thought was out of reach, go and hire them!

– Plan a bespoke wedding free of all the rules! You can break with tradition so if you don’t want bridesmaids, don’t have them! 

– The chance to really engage with each and every one of your guests, there will be plenty of time to chat as opposed to racing around on the day only managing a quick ‘Hello’ to most. 

– The option to personalise your wedding stationery and gifts for your guests, you will have more time in the run up to the day so handmake invitations, what could be more beautiful? Giving flowers to guests at the end of the evening is such a special touch, and with smaller numbers, there will be plenty to go around. 

– The opportunity to incorporate family heirlooms into your table design, you may have some favourite silver, special china, glassware or cutlery so feel able to utilise these items, it will look so very personal.

Finally, I do not believe that having a smaller wedding means foregoing the services of a planner, in fact I think quite the reverse is true. There are going to be a number of difficult decisions to make including choosing a date, venue, the availability of suppliers and above all, negotiating the maze of rules and regulations that the Corona virus has impacted on weddings for the foreseeable future. 

I would be delighted to help with any of your upcoming plans so do please feel able to contact me using the button below. I love a wedding chat!